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The Heart of Rauser Counseling ... 


When others see weeds, we see beauty. 

For many of us, the dandelion at first glance can become a source of frustration as we exert hours of effort and numerous “solutions” to remove them so we can present our perfectly groomed green lawns.  And just when we think we rid ourselves of the “problem” those bright yellow petals and white puffs not only resurface but multiply! Rain, shine, or herbicide those suckers are relentless.

So what if we put our frustration on hold and travel back to early childhood for a moment. Is it possible these weeds may not be weeds at all?

“A weed is but an unloved flower.” – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Can you remember the first time you proudly proclaimed your love for your mom as your yellow-stained fingers presented her with the world’s most beautiful flower plucked straight from your front yard? Do you recall the first time your child came skipping through the door yelling, “Look! I got you flowers!” as they beamed with pride? Have you ever seen a child’s face transform to pure joy while watching their “wishes” blow away in the wind? What was once a source of joy as a child, sadly becomes one of frustration and annoyance for adults. Oh to view the world through a child’s eyes.

“Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.” –  A.A Milne

You can choose to view these determined weeds as just that – weeds, or you can view them as a source of youthful joy, happiness, and hope. The spiritual and emotional meaning of a dandelion is profound yet often lost. Dandelions represent resiliency, determination, an ability to overcome challenges and difficulties, and rise above even the harshest conditions. Deep roots keep them firmly grounded despite numerous attempts of destruction. And those bright yellow petals? They’re edible and have long been used for medicinal purposes. Dandelions represent not only emotional but physical healing.    


The message of the dandelion is one that encapsulates the heart of Rauser Counseling – when others see problems, we see opportunity; when others see tragedy, we see triumph; when others see struggle, we see resilience, when others see weeds, we see beauty.

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